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Photography has been used to advertise and promote products and services for many decades. Advertising photography covers many photographic genres; room-set, beauty, fashion, still-life, interiors, exteriors, etc. Photography has been an effective method to illustrate many subjects.

Photography as a hobby was popular with serious enthusiasts from the 1880's. Since the introduction of the 'Box Brownie' and other roll film cameras in the 1920's, that has all changed. Photography became more accessible and affordable to the masses as a hobby and was helped by the film processing and photographic printing services available through the local chemists. Some hobbyists were so keen they even set up their own home darkrooms to process their films and print their photographs.

The advent of digital technology has made photography widely popular for hobbyists. Post processing of images can now be done in the comfort of a desktop environment, and can be printed via an inkjet printer.




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