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Photography has become a highly popular hobby again with many enthusiasts using different types of digital cameras and film cameras to capture their favourite subjects. There are many types of digital cameras on the market; digital single lens reflex (DSLR), mirrorless, bridge, and compact.

Although all digital cameras have fully automatic functions which many photographers take advantage of, the majority of serious enthusiasts want to control their cameras manually so that they can accurately capture the images exactly the way they planned. To use digital and film cameras' manual functions more effectively, a certain amount of knowledge is required.

Wings Studio provide regular photography traning courses, led by a professional photographer, for enthusiasts who want to quickly gain the necessary skills to achieve their goals. The courses are designed to provide you with practical hands on experience, which maximises the time you spend behind the camera rather than taking notes.

The studio is also available for hire to those who wish to practise their skills or carry out a photographic session in a fully equipped photographic studio. Please call Wing to find out more about our studio hire facilities.




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